Soyuz LV launch and technical complex

Launchand technical complexes which are capable of Soyuz LV preparation and launch are located on Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan), Plesetskcosmodrome (Russia), and in Guiana Space Centre (French Guiana).

Gagarinsky Start LC (Baikonur cosmodrome) is the world’s oldest, but despite that it is still one of the busiest spaceports in the world. The first artificial satellite (October, 4 1957) and the first manned spaceflight (April, 12 1961) were launched from Gagarinsky Start LC.

Several launch pads were built for Soyuz LV launches. These launch pads can carry out up to 24 LV launches annually.

The launch complex includes:

  • 78 technological systems
  • 17 technical systems
  • 62 assembling and engineering facilities

Soyuz LV launch complex consists of:

  • process equipmentset for LV delivery and erection, azimuth alignment, prelaunch LV tests, propellant and compressed gases refill, thermal conditioning of SC and instrument bays of launch vehicles, LV launch
  • support equipment facility
  • set of engineering systems providing conditions for equipment functioning and staff life support in facilities
  • remote control of process and support systems, LV and SC checkout equipment set

Soyuz launch complexes long-term operation in severe climate conditions of Kazakhstan and Russian North as well as in tropical climate of French Guiana proved its high reliability and possibility of wide use for SC launches.