Vostochny Cosmodrome

VostochnyCosmodromeis currently under construction. It is located in the Amur region, in the Russian Far East.

The arguments for choosing this location include the ability to use sparsely populated areas and bodies of water for the rocket launch routes; proximity to major transportation networks such as the Baikal–Amur Mainline, the Chita–Khabarovsk Highway; abundance of electricity production resources in the area; and the infrastructure supporting the former SvobodnyCosmodrome, on which the new spaceport will be based. The site's location in the Russian far eastern region allows for easier transport of materials to the site, and allows rockets to jettison their lower stages over the ocean.

The decision to design a new cosmodrome was based on the necessity for the reduction of Russia's dependency on the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

VostochnyCosmodrome is the first spaceport in the Russian history that is intended mostly for civilian launches.

Launches bound for Earth’s orbits, including sun-synchronous orbit, can be performed from VostochnyCosmodrome.

The general designer of the cosmodrome is Ipromashprom (Mechanical Engineering Project Institute). The main contractor is the Federal Agency for Special Construction.

The cosmodromespans an area about 700 km2.

Vostochny Cosmodromeconsists of:

  • launch complex
  • technical complex
  • vehicle assembly and repair building
  • complex for LV tests
  • fuel filling station
  • unit for liquid oxygen/liquid nitrogen/compressed gases refill equipment
  • unit for kerosene and naphthalene refill equipment
  • unit for compressed gases production and storage
  • mobile launcher platform (capable of carrying out launch preparations in harsh weather conditions)
  • launch control center
  • command post
  • airport

VostochnyCosmodrome’s first launch was Soyuz-2 LV with Lomonosov and Aist SC. It took place on 28 April 2016.

VostochnyCosmodrome is believed to start a new era in Russian space exploration history.