NII SK (Barminresearch institute of launch complexes)

NII SK main activities include the design of launch complexes with different functional purposes, research and development in the field of environmental protection, agriculture and energy industry; design and maintenance of the ground-, air-, and sea-based space complexes with defensive, scientific and other purposes.

The enterprise was named after a prominent Soviet scientist and designer – Vladimir Barmin.


  • to form  Russia’s policy on space exploration related to the space ground-based infrastructure
  • design of complex’s parts for LV, manned and unmanned spacecraft
  • development and implementation of conversion programs used to design systems and equipment for industries and consumers (customers) including foreign ones
  • design, manufacture, assembling, tests of experimental equipment for rolling stocks maintenance and for other needs of railway industry
  • design, manufacture, assembling, tests and operation of units and industrial lines for agro-industrial complex
  • engineering assistance with infrastructure development for ground-, air-, sea-based launch platform operation
  • engineering assistance with space equipment development, including sea launch equipment
  • design, production, construction works and tests
  • development, maintenance and modernization of ground-, air-, sea-based space complexes